Pet Styling by Sherry now offers a wide array of special services for your special friend.

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Includes: calming Lavender shampoo, Plum Perfect Facial, nail buffing, teeth Brushing, Chamomile spritz and Lavender Paw Balm

Skin Therapy



Smile & File


In order to keep your pet's teeth healthy, breath fresh, and nails filed down, we offer the Smile & File package. This includes teeth brushing, a mouth rinse and a nail grind which files down the sharp edges of your pet's nails. (A $30 value)


Starts at $15

For pets that shed excessively, we have a Deshedding Program. We start with a special tool that helps pull out undercoat, which is what usually is shed in your house, on your furniture, and on your clothes. We remove undercoat from your dog before the bath, then use Ultra Plenish Conditioner with Coat Releaseā„¢ that helps loosen up the remaining undercoat. We then use Ultra Vitalizing Mist (also with Coat Releaseā„¢) before a high velocity blow dry. Last we go over your pet once more with our deshedding tools and we finish with either a Coat Oil or Silk Sheen Finishing Product. When done regularly, this program can help reduce shedding up to 60-80%.